MNH Entertainment has begun revealing the members of their upcoming girl group!

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As many knows, MNH Entertainment will be debuting a new 5-membered girl group. They have so far revealed four of the members. So, check them out below!

The first member to be revealed is Songhee. She is seen in a lovely salmon-coloured outfit that goes well with the overall pastel vibe. She has this look that really captures your heart.

The next member revealed is Yiyeon. She is in this lovely shade of yellow dress with a hair colour that contrasts nicely with the dress. She is someone who has a look that can make your heart flutter!

Simyeong is the next member to be revealed. She appears to be wearing a white dress while looking quite relaxed on camera. She too is a beautiful member!

The final member to be revealed so far is Jungwoo. She is someone who can pull off the bob hair look while still continuing to look stunning. She is seen wearing a lovely white dress that goes well with her overall look.

Meanwhile, they have one more member to be revealed. What kind of group name do you think they will have? Let us know in the comments below!

All Access Asia will keep you updated, so stay tuned!

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