Minseo is ‘No Good Girl’ in latest teasers

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Minseo will be making her return soon. Check out the teaser below!

In the first image teaser, it gives us the name of this single. It is called ‘No Good Girl‘. The image itself doesn’t give away much about the concept. However, it does look casual, leaving us excited for what’s to come.

In her first set of concept teasers, we get this casual look where she is wearing a white shirt. She is also in a simple house setting but with distinct green lighting shown on her face. She definitely knows how to look good under that lighting.

In the next concept teasers, she continues to go for that casual look as she chills at home. This time, she has gone for more colour in her outfits but still maintains that simple look.

She has also dropped the MV teaser. She has gone for a soothing R&B vibe that goes well with her tone of voice. She just pulls you right into the melody. One can’t help but get chills while listening to her sing. It sounds so great so far!

Meanwhile, she will make her hot return on April 28th. Are you enjoying the teasers? Let us know in the comments below!

All Access Asia will keep you updated, so stay tuned!

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