MAMAMOO loves the ‘Wind Flower’ in new MV teasers

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MAMAMOO continues to tease for their upcoming return with ‘Wind Flower‘. So, check out the new MV teasers below!

So, the next MV teaser is of Moonbyul. She is heard singing along where her deep voice gives such a beautiful sense of the melody. Then, intense heavy drums and bass enters. The way the beats drop and slowly add colour to the video, Moonbyul hits us with her strong rapping abilities. This surely gets fans falling for her even more.

The final individual teaser is of Solar. She is seen enjoying the view of flower. Her voice is just so angelic and since there is no music accompanying her voice, it just makes it easier to get chills. Then, the lovely guitar enters, and we get o enter her overall look as she goes into what appears to be insanity.

Finally, we get the official MV teaser that features all the members. We see Solar enter the Hong Kong taxi and is heading off to somewhere. Then, we get to hear the same similar lyrics that Solar was seen singing in her individual MV teaser. It is nice to see how their respective parts connect back into one.

Meanwhile, MAMAMOO is set to make their hot return on November 29th. What do you think of the track so far? Let us know in the comments below!

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