MAMAMOO goes ‘WAW’ in comeback teaser

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MAMAMOO prepares for their upcoming return with ‘WAW‘ by dropping their teasers. Check it out below!

They began their teasers with the trailer. From the trailer, we hear this simple yet slow melody that goes well with the nostalgic vibe of the video. It begins off as a memory of the members enjoying their time among one another before we are shown scenes of the members being apart from each other. It is the kind of vibe that warms up our heart and have us sympathising with the overall scenery. It also appears that ‘WAW‘ stands for “Where Are We“.

Their first image teaser reveals that they will be returning with their 11th mini album. The image itself also appears to represent the album cover. It is sophisticated and fits well with the vibe we have seen so far from the trailer.

They have revealed their first group teaser. We get that beautiful sunlight as the members are seen staring in the distance. They are also seen wearing casual outfits while enjoying the weather together. It is the kind of look that one would like to have while spending time with their friends.





The group has also revealed their individual teasers. Each member gets a total of two images. The first image is similar to the first group teaser’s vibes. We have the members enjoying their time outside while embracing what summer has given them. It is quite a relaxing image to look at. While the other image has a totally different vibe. This one has a more serious and party look that contrasts with their relaxed self in the first image. We can’t wait to see the connection between the two concepts.

They have dropped the destiny version trailer. In this teaser, they continue to provide us with this soothing melody that pulls on our heart strings before we are hit strongly with the high notes. We can’t help but get chills while listening to them sing. It surely gets us excited for their return.

Their latest teaser showcases the two concepts. This time, it showcases the members together. We see them all wearing white while looking quite stern and serious. This contrasts nicely with the chill and happy vibe of the other image. The other image also features them wearing more casual outfits. With the two concepts, we can see the beauty of how the vibe makes us feel.

Meanwhile, they will make their hot return on June 2nd. Are you enjoying the concept teasers so far? Let us know in the comments below!

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