MAMAMOO goes ‘Dingga’ but still wants to ‘Travel’ in comeback teasers

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MAMAMOO has dropped the pre-release MV called ‘Dingga‘. They have also revealed the teasers for their upcoming return with ‘Travel‘. Check it out below!

Dingga‘ is such a funky song to listen to that people would love to groove along to. Their vocals just fit so well with this kind of melody, making us fall deeper into their song. They know how to get us feeling the chills as they make us love every moment of the song. It surely builds up hype for their upcoming return and getting us more curious about their title track.

They have revealed the concept teaser for ‘AYA‘. In this teaser, we get this horror concept. It definitely is quite intense as every member embraces a different concept while staring deep into the camera. One can’t wait to see the progress of this song.

In the first concept teaser, we get to see each member wearing the outfit that was featured in the visual teaser. They definitely look quite beautiful in their own way and own concept. One can’t wait to see the connection between each member.

They have also revealed the highlight medley. ‘Travel‘ is such a soothing song to listen to. One can’t wait but feel nostalgic while listening to this song. ‘Chuck‘ slows it down allowing us to enjoy their beauty of their vocals. It still is quite strong in sound. ‘Good Night‘ is such a beautiful lullaby to listen to. It surely brings chills down your spine. ‘Diamond‘ has that fun and chill vibe that one would love to move to. ‘AYA‘ has that Latin vibe that sounds like a snake charmer.

They have also revealed their group teasers. They look stunning in red as they pose in a very extravagant location. One can’t help but feel that jungle and safari vibe coming out of these images.

Meanwhile, they will make their hot return on November 3rd. Which track did you like the best so far? Let us know in the comments below!

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