MAJORS are ‘Dancing In The Starlit Night’ while it ‘Rain On Me’

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MAJORS makes a quick return with a double title track. They definitely know how to spoil the fans with the release of two MVs. It is for the track, ‘Dancing In The Starlit Night‘ and ‘Rain On Me‘. Check it out below!

Dancing In The Starlit Night‘ starts off with a soft melody that would be nice to listen to during the night. Their outfits are quite colourful as we see each member in a different shade of the rainbow colours. As the show progresses, we get the introduction of the beat that helps the song pick up speed before we are hit with this dance party vibe. This dance pop definitely goes well with the nostalgic sound that fans love. They have also kept the video simple as it comes off as a dance performance rather than an MV. However, because of that, it allows us to enjoy the dance choreography and appreciate the beauty of the dance.

Rain On Me‘ has a funky brass sound that puts you in the mood to groove. It definitely has an uplifting sound that leaves you falling deep into the sound and its unique sounds. Because of the flow, it may seem like the beat of the song and the lyrics aren’t working. However, because of that, it oddly enough makes it quite addictive to listen as they sing offbeat. They have done an incredible job in making it work, leaving us with an earworm to listen to.

So, be sure to check out the MVs above. Which song did you like more? Let us know in the comments below!

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