Lovelyz are angelic in their magical ‘Sanctuary’ MV teaser

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Lovelyz has revealed the first MV teaser for their upcoming return with ‘Sanctuary‘. So, check it out below!

Unlike their image teasers, this video teaser surely is more saturated in colour and surely has a darker sense to it. It also has this cutesy and mystical vibe to it. It is surely different to the beautiful images they have previous revealed. Nevertheless, it leaves fans curious as ever as to how they will connect up as one. One thing for sure is that they are embracing another side to them and it will be interesting to see where they will bring us this time.

The track itself doesn’t give away much besides the constant tick-tock of the clock. The melody played is kept to a minimal where the visuals just leaves fans mesmerised. There also appears to be many references to their previous MVs. Were you able to spot them all?

Meanwhile, Lovelyz is set to make their return with their fifth mini album, ‘Sanctuary‘ on November 26th. What are your initial thoughts of the MV teaser? Let us know in the comments below!

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