Listen to the ‘Radio’ with the new MV from The Volunteers

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The Volunteers are back with their new mv titled ‘Radio’. This new track, which was filmed by Yerin & Sooeun (Instagram) and edited by Yerin, is simply beautiful in its lyrics and vocals. The video really takes you back to a more simple time making the whole song relaxing but heavily meaningful.

Official “Radio” MV

The lyrics are absolutely lovely and somewhat cryptic. The caption on the video reads “lyrics are fictional” lending to the mystery of the track. My favorite lyrics were “If i had the answers, i wouldn’t say it” . And the visuals are also very timeless but simple. Here’s a sample of some of the visuals you can expect.

This, of course, is only a snapshot so I highly recommend this song! We listened to it a few times in a row as it’s just that beautiful. We cannot WAIT to see more from this group and their wonderful dynamic.

Check them out on their official instagram  and to hear more from them, listen on their official Soundcloud.

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