LIGHTSUM has revealed the rest of the members

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LIGHTSUM has revealed the rest of the members. Check out who will also be part of this upcoming girl group below!






The final four members have been revealed. The final members include Nayoung, Huiyeon, Hina and Yujeong. For their profile images, we see each member wearing cute white outfits while posing for the camera. They all look quite innocent and pure as they all mostly smile to the camera. It definitely helps brighten up the already bright image. The white background

This means that the girl group will have a total of eight members. Their positions have also been released. It is said that Chowon will be the main vocalist, Jian will be the rapper and sub-vocalist, Nayoung will be the main vocalist and lead dancer, Sangah will be the rapper and lead dancer, Yujeong will be the sub-vocalist, Hina will be the sub-vocalist, Huiyeon will be the sub-vocalist and Juhyeon will be the main dancer and lead vocalist.

They have also revealed the group film teaser where they introduce each member. Each member gets their moment to shine as they stare deeply into the camera. We see them wearing two outfits. The first outfit is like their profile image where they are wearing white. The field outside looks amazing with the white outfit. The outfit may be the outfit they will be wearing for their MV. It is bright and colourful, which goes well with the current season.

To get fans excited for their debut, they have dropped their intro teaser. In this short teaser, we hear this mystic music where we hear this beautiful tying of a ribbon and a door knock. The video ends with the sound of magic. We can’t wait to see where this concept goes.

Meanwhile, they will make their hot debut soon! Are you excited? Let us know in the comments below!

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