‘Let’s Play Cherry Bullet’ in new stunning teasers

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Cherry Bullet has dropped their image teasers as expected. It appears that they will be going for two different concepts since they have revealed two group teasers. So, check it out below!

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Playing Teaser

From what we see so far, it looks like the group will be embracing the video game concept. We also get to see both the sweet and dark side of the group. With the sweet side, each member is seen wearing quite cutesy outfits that bring out their natural and pretty looks. While, the darker side draws in the darker colours and bringing in their more cool and charismatic looks. It definitely allows fans to see their charms from the get-go.

They have also gone ahead and revealed the debut schedule. They will release the jacket teasers from January 8th to January 12th. Following on is their launching concept film set for January 14th. Then comes the chatter robot service teaser on January 15th. They will also be releasing the MV teaser on January 18th. There will also be a Twitter blueroom live broadcast set for January 18th!

Meanwhile, it was revealed that their debut album is called ‘Let’s Play Cherry Bullet‘ with the title track, ‘Q&A‘. Cherry Bullet is set to make their hot debut on January 21st. Are you ready? Let us know in the comments below!
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