Leo wants you to know that ‘I’m Still Here’

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We finally have VIXX‘s Leo making his solo return with a new track called ‘I’m Still Here‘. Check it out below!

He has a voice of an angel and this song does such a great job in highlighting its beauty. The song itself has a beautiful yet sad piano melody that fits so well with his vocals. His voice just runs so smoothly with this type of melody. It surely sounds like a lullaby as it enters into our ears so easily. One can’t help but get chills while listening to him sing. The video itself enhances the beauty of this song. Especially when it tries to convey the meaning of the song. The way it contrasts between the colour and black and white setting. It is clear to see that he is trying to be professional at his job while inside he is feeling something else, which is shown in the black and white setting. Overall, it is another perfect comeback from him.

Meanwhile, be sure to check out the full MV above. Did you like it? Let us know in the comments below!

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