KNK shows off their smooth ‘Lonely Night’ dance choreography

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KNK has dropped both the performance MV and the dance practice for ‘Lonely Night‘. So, check it out below !

Through these dance type videos, we can make a comparison on what makes each of these dance videos unique. In the dance practice video, they are in the dance studio with beautiful neon lights added in the background to help set the scene. They are also seen in casual outfits while dancing powerfully to their latest track. Each movement is done with perfection, keeping fans quite fascinated by it!

Meanwhile, for the performance MV, the camera work is done quite fancy, making it quite beautiful to watch. However, the similar setting can be seen in this video with the way the lights are set up in the background. However, this one makes fans’ heart flutter even more, especially when the camera zooms up on our bias. The camera work is also done to match the music well.

So, be sure to check out both the dance choreography videos above. Which version did you like more? Let us know in the comments below!

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