Kino strikes a ‘Pose’ in latest concept teasers

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Kino continues to drop teasers for his upcoming release of ‘Pose‘. So, check it out below!

For his first concept teasers, we see him wearing a velvet pink blazer while enjoying the beauty of nature. The skies are clear and contrasts nicely with the grass that surrounds him. It is clear that this colour suits him well as he leaves us mesmerised.

The second concept teasers change it up by having him going for a more classy and formal look. He is dressed up in all dark suit that really stands out against the bright background. He definitely nailed the serious and charismatic look.

The third concept continues with the colour black. However, this time, he has gone for darker makeup, bringing out his inner punk and emo side. From all the looks, they are distinct and different, This just shows just how well he fits into different concepts.

With the fourth concept, it looks to be a continuation of the third concept. We see him in another dark outfit with close up shots of him. He knows how to look good for the camera as each of his poses are different and really brings out his charms.

His latest concept teasers bring out his best body lines. He shows us the dancer side of him as he brings out the best poses for this concept.

In his concept board teaser, we get to see him in the beautiful black suit of the second concept teaser. He gives us beautiful moves as the spotlight moves around in the video. This help create contrast and dynamics, leaving us more excited than ever.

Meanwhile, he will drop this single on August 9th. Are you ready? let us know in the comments below!

All Access Asia will keep you updated, so stay tuned!

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