Kim Jaehwan is ready to ‘Begin Again’ in final teasers

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Kim Jaehwan will make his hot debut today. So, as a final spur of teasers, he gets you ready for what’s to come. So, check it all out below!

In his second MV teaser for ‘Begin Again‘, we get to hear that soothing instrumentation that soothes our soul. From what we hear so far, it is clear that this kind of mood and melody fits best with Jaehwan‘s voice. Even though during his time in Wanna One he wasn’t able to showcase this side to his voice, it is definitely the perfect to show it off now!

In this highlight medley, we get to listen to tracks that will be part of this album. From what we have heard so far, it is clear that he has gone for melody that allows him to show off his voice. We also get to hear a whole range and diverse of genres allowing us to see just how talented he is. It is clear that he is embracing who he is as an artist but also acknowledge the kind of music he performed during Wanna One. It is definitely have fans anticipating for his debut.

Meanwhile, he is set to make his debut on May 20th. Which track has caught your attention? Let us know in the comments below!

All Access Asia will keep you updated, so stay tuned!

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