Kihyun is heading somewhere in new ‘VOYAGER’ teasers

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Kihyun continues to drop teasers for his upcoming debut with ‘VOYAGER‘. Check it out below!

For his third Somewhere teasers, we see him wearing short sleeves while enjoying his meal. The colour scheme that is used for this concept brings out that vintage vibe. It is further enhanced by the items that surround him.

His fourth Somewhere teasers now go for a more cold and stern look. He is seen wearing a suit while posing near the ocean view. The lovely blue sky contrasts nicely with the blue outfit. He surely has left has mesmerised.

The latest set of image teasers features him in another stunning, formal outfit with a beautiful ocean view behind him. He just looks so captivating, especially with the sunlight reflection on the water. It makes him shine like a model in a magazine.

He has also dropped the highlight medley that gives us a preview of the tracks on this album. ‘VOYAGER‘ is quite a fun and uplifting song that goes so nicely with his tone of voice. We can’t help but jam along to this type of beat. ‘Comma‘ is a more soothing song that allows us to appreciate his voice more. It is just so smooth against this type of melody. ‘Rain‘ goes for a more emotional and powerful song that allows us to bring out his fuller voice. It is just so powerful to listen to.

In his MV teaser, we get to see him bring his star quality vibes to the MV as his personality and overall aura shines through. It is clear that he is made to be on stage. He just shines when he sings. It is clear just how much he enjoys what he does.

Meanwhile, he will make his hot debut on March 15th. Are you ready for this? Let us know in the comments below!

All Access Asia will keep you updated, so stay tuned!

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