Kanto and Dough-Boy switches briefcase in first MV teaser

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Kanto and Dough-Boy will be collaborating together for a new track. The track is called ‘WON‘. So, check out the latest MV teaser below!

The video begins with him  checking his surrounding before coming across a briefcase. In that briefcase has a stash of cash, so he leaves the one he is holding and takes the one with cash. At that stage, music begins to play and the way the guitar or string instrument is played gives it that oriental vibes. What we hear so far is the fact that they just flow along this kind of sound so easily. It is quite addictive to listen to especially has it glides with the melody. It definitely leaves one more hyped than ever for its full release.

Meanwhile, this track will be revealed on November 23rd. What do you think of the vibe so far? Let us know in the comments below!

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