Kang Daniel will be telling us ‘The Story’ with his comeback

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Kang Daniel will be making his comeback with his first-ever full length album ‘The Story‘ on May 24.

After wrapping up his ‘colour’ releases which showed his different colours, the release of ‘The Story‘ will “tell a story that everyone can sympathize with, using his own tools” reports his agency.

There’s been all manner of teasers and concept images released since the announcement of the comeback, here we’ve captured them all in one place.

The latest teaser to be released is a track video for ‘Parade‘ one of the songs from the album.

Kang Daniel ‘Parade’ track video

We’ve been lucky enough to be given the opportunity to hear a highlight medley from ‘The Story‘. The album will include tracks which see Kang Daniel collaborating with some amazing artists.

Kang Daniel ‘The Story’ highlight medley

The release of the track list for ‘The Story‘ revealed that the album will feature ten (10) tracks in total and will feature Kang Daniel collaborating with artists Jessi, Chancellor, Dbo, and sokodomo.

Kang Daniel ‘The Story’ tracklist

The latest set of teaser images released have been called the ‘Non-Plot’ version. Featuring Kang Daniel looking comfortable and cozy relaxing at home.

Kang Daniel ‘Non-Plot’ teaser images

Earlier we saw the release of the ‘Anti-Plot’ teasers, which have a slightly darker and more moody vibe to them.

Kang Daniel ‘Anti-Plot’ teasers

The Story‘ teaser images reveal a mature and thoughtful concept for the upcoming release.

Kang Daniel ‘The Story’ concept images

In the first set of teaser images released, we got a warm and welcoming concept from Kang Daniel. It feels as though he is connecting with you through the images.

Kang Daniel ‘The Story’ concept images

One of the first teasers to be released by Kang Daniel was ‘The Story’ trailer clip.

Kang Daniel ‘The Story’ Trailer

Kang Daniel will be making his comeback with ‘The Story‘ on May 24 at 6pm KST.

What do you think of the teasers for Kang Daniel‘s comeback? Have you listened to the highlight medley yet? What do you think of the music you’ve heard so far? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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