K-WAVE Auckland has an amazing line-up – we can’t wait!

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The news from the team behind K-WAVE Auckland just keeps getting better. If you thought the first line-up announcement was amazing – the final artist line-up is going to blow your mind!

K-WAVE Auckland will be held at The Trusts Arena in Auckland on November 10, 2023.

After all the hype and suspense, the final acts to participate in K-WAVE Auckland are more than we could have hoped for. The team from Prime Entertainment said, “After receiving countless requests and hearing your passionate calls, we’re thrilled to announce our final line-up for K-WAVE AUCKLAND, and it’s an absolute treat!”

KARD will be on stage at K-WAVE Auckland. This will be the group’s first time performing in New Zealand, and it’s well overdue in our opinion!

KARD is a global K-pop sensation – the most successful co-ed group to emerge within K-pop, they’ve garnered a massive global following. Their unique blend of talent, charisma, and music has won the hearts of fans from all around the world.


Next up in the line-up announcement is Heize. The talented musician is going to rock the stage at K-WAVE Auckland.

Heize is a genius songwriter who perfectly blends a range of genres from R&B to pop, and even a touch of electronic magic. 

Heize is such a vibe, and her songs have a way of making you feel like you’re on cloud nine.


Another highlight of the K-WAVE Auckland line-up is R&B artist Jey.

The world of K-pop is as diverse as any other and within that world R&B is well-respected and favoured genre. Jey shines brightly in the realm of R&B with a distinctive and authentic sound.

Get ready for an experience like no other as Jey‘s soulful melodies take you on a journey. From soft ballads to groovy tracks, his music is sure to strike a chord with your heart and move your soul.


Don’t forget to head to the K-WAVE Auckland website here and sign up to secure the discount for your ticket. Only subscribers can gain access to the link.

Will you be attending K-WAVE Auckland? What do you think of the artist line-up that’s been announced? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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