Junsu to drop his 3rd mini album

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Yes, that is right! Junsu will be dropping his 3rd mini album called ‘Dimension’. Check out the teaser below!

His first image features the name of this album, as well as this tropical greenery area. The image is surreal and quite mysterious, which goes nicely with the distorted album name in the image.

The next image teaser embraces the deep red background with a snippet of his profile. We see him wearing a beautiful black outfit that contrasts nicely with the red backdrop. We are excited to see where this goes.

His album cover features him surrounded with the blue greenery that was in his first image teaser. He is wearing a beautiful white outfit that contrasts nicely with the overall colour scheme of the location. The way the image is taken really brings out his beauty while maintaining that dreamy vibe.

From the tracklist, there is a total of five tracks including ‘Hana‘ and its instrumental version, ‘Color Me In‘, ‘Low Star‘ and ‘A New Beginning‘.

His next image teaser is the overall look of the second image teaser. We finally get to see the full outfit and the vibe of the image. It definitely has this dark feeling, especially with how half of his face is shadowed, allowing him to pull of this look. That single beam of light helps bring the intensity this image needs.

His second concept teaser is in black and white. He too appears to be wearing dark outfits that contrast nicely with the overall light background. He definitely knows how to pull off this charismatic side view.

His third concept teaser features his multi-coloured hair style while wearing the same outfit as his first concept teaser. However, this time, we get a different backdrop and position. This time, the background is in grey, which allows him to stand out. He is also seen sitting down, while maintaining that cool posture.

His Outside concept teasers feature him in mostly a blue setting. He is seen going for that cool stunning vibes. It is clear that the colour blue works well with him, especially when he has contrasting colours around him. The Inside and Outside concept is quite different. It surely gets us excited for what’s to come.

Meanwhile, he will make his hot return on March 16th. Are you ready for this? Let us know in the comments below!

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