Junoflo has an ‘Autopilot’ with BoA in a surprise MV

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An unexpected release is coming our way! Junoflo has dropped a surprise MV, announcing his comeback. It also appears that BoA will also be featured on this upcoming track. They have previously worked together on BoA’s track, ‘Your Song’. That track was a success so fans are excited to see another track from them. So, check it out below!

So, this track is called ‘Autopilot’. Going with the theme, we see Junoflo all dressed up while relaxing on the plane. Subtitles were given or the silence before we hear a bit of brass by the end of the video. It gives a hint as to the kind of sound he will be going for. Then, we go on to enjoy the vibe of the track which is quite groovy to listen to. He definitely knows how to ride the beats soothingly and it makes it quite beautiful to listen to.

What is surprisingly beautiful about this track is that every though it sounds upbeat it is quite relaxed and chilling. It allows it to fit well into their plane concept. Then, BoA’s part comes in abruptly. However, since her voice is just so nice to listen to, it is just a perfect to the track. Their voices go well with each other. This shows that when these two work together, we will get a fantastic track.

Meanwhile, be sure to watch the MV above. What did you think? Let us know in the comments below!

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