Jungkey spoils us with four MVs

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Yes, that is right! Jungkey is back with new tracks. He has spoiled us with four MVs. Check them out below!

The first track is called ‘My Dear‘ featuring Moon. This track has such a beautiful melody that gives us such a calming feeling. Moon begins the song with her soothing voice. It just travels so nicely with the melody. It definitely is the kind of song that leaves us with a good feeling inside.

The second track is called ‘Baby‘ featuring Vincent Blue. It is another chill song to listen to. This time, it features a lovely guitar melody with such calming sounds added into the video. The humming at the beginning also helps enhance this nicely vibe he is going for. Overall, it is clear how nice his singing is, making him sound like an angel.

The third track is called ‘I Know‘ featuring George. This song has a more uplifting vibe in comparison to the previous tracks. It definitely has us smiling throughout the song as he rides the melody like no other. It is clear how much emotion he had poured into this song to make it sounds so beautiful. Overall, it is a song that leaves our hearts melted.

The final track is called ‘weekEnd‘ featuring jeebanoff. This track is just as calming as the rest of this album. However, this one has more of a groovy feel to it that has you bopping your head to the melody and beat. It is definitely quite a fun rhythm to listen to, leaving us in a good mood by the end of it. Jungkey definitely have chosen the right artists to feature on each track to bring out the right emotions out of each song produced.

Meanwhile, be sure to check out the MVs above. Which song captivated you more? Let us know in the comments below!

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