Jung Kook goes ‘3D’ in latest MV featuring Jack Harlow

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Jung Kook recently released ‘3D‘ his second single this year, and this one features rapper Jack Harlow. The track is a pre-release from his upcoming solo album ‘Golden‘ which is scheduled for release on 3 November.

3D (feat. Jack Harlow)’ is an engaging R&B pop track that boasts an impressive minimalistic arrangement alongside a hard-hitting rhythm and irresistibly addictive sound. The track conveys a message of meeting someone in 3 dimensions beyond the realms of 1st and 2nd to always be together as ‘us.’

Having taking a liking to the music of the 2000s, as showcased with his reinterpretation of the early 2000s 2-step in “Seven (feat. Latto)”, Jung Kook carries on the legacy of male dance artists, bringing back the mid-2000s hip-hop/dance in a fresh new way. This track has early Justin Timberlake written all over it.

Jung Kook has commented on the song, “When I started working on this song, I got the sense that it could really appeal to people who know early 2000s music. There’s a sense of nostalgia.

Jung Kook shared his excitement and remarked on the new release via BIGHIT MUSIC, saying, “‘3D’ is a song that will draw you in before you know it. I thought it was a really fun song when I first heard it. I’m ready to show a different side of myself that I hadn’t shown with ‘Seven’.”

Jack Harlow’s distinctive style of rap blends seamlessly together with Jung Kook’s vocal delivery, adding another layer to the catchy, sophisticated sound. However, it’s Jung Kook’s vocals that are the star of this track – they ride perfectly and effortlessly over and above the instrumentation.

Mega producer BloodPop, who has worked with Lady Gaga, Beyoncé, and more, along with David Stewart, who produced BTS’ “Dynamite,” are also credited on the single.

Jung Kook further commented, “‘3D’ is a great song to perform. I hope that people will look forward to the performance along with the music. It incorporates very fun, catchy dance moves that many people can follow along to and enjoy.” He added, “I felt a bit of pressure having received so much love with ‘Seven,’ but it also gave me a big boost of courage to take on a new challenge. I’ll keep working hard to continue to share great music in the future.

The accompanying music video for the track was shot in Los Angeles, and shows Jung Kook appearing to move through multiple dimensions against an array of various sets. The video employs props such as stairs and mirrors to illustrate a message of transcending dimensions to see one’s beloved. Harlow later makes an appearance in the video where the rapper plays chess and exchanges verses with Jung Kook, flaunting an undeniable chemistry. The video then cuts to a cathartic scene of Jung Kook smashing a fire hydrant and dancing to the tune with the dancers under pouring water.

Jung Kook ‘3D feat Jack Harlow’

Jung Kook‘s track ‘3D Feat Jack Harlow‘ topped global music charts around the world within hours of its release.

What did you think of ‘3D‘ from Jung Kook? Are you looking forward to the release of his solo album ‘Golden‘? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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