Jung Il Woo is discharged from military service

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Jung Il Woo has completed his mandatory military service and has been discharged.

The talented and popular actor had been serving as a public service worker at a nursing home in Seocho-gu, Seoul.

Upon his discharge Jung Il Woo plans to immediately resume his acting career and will appear in the upcoming SBS drama ‘Haechi’.  He will play the male lead role of King Lee Geum.  It has been reported that Go Ara will play the female lead in the drama.

Upon his discharge, the actor smiled brightly at reporters and fans and remarked, “I’m greeting you all after two years.  For my alternate military service, I helped elderly people.”  He also told fans, “I’ll work hard so I can repay you for all your love.”

He continued, “I think I’ve learned a lot, and [the experience] will be of great help to my acting life as well.”

Check out Jung Il Woo on his discharge

Haechi’ is a drama that is inspired by the myth of Haechi, a guardian of justice.  Jung Il Woo stated, “I will be starring in ‘Haechi’.  I was really itching to act all this time, and I thought a lot abut wanting to work.”

Haechi’ is currently scheduled to commence airing in February 2019.

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