June is all about ‘Today’s’ highlight medley

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June is well known for his gorgeous voice and we are so excited for the release of ‘Today’s’ album which is scheduled for June 3.

Planetarium Records released a highlight medley for us all on their YouTube showing just how amazing June’s voice is.

June ‘Today’s’ higlight medley

As you can see from the highlight medley there are all kinds of different styles and concepts for this talented singer. With titles such as ‘6AM’, ‘Good Morning‘ and ‘Welcome Home‘ it really feels like you can play each track through the day and feel like June is home with you. There are some truly melodic pieces tied in with some more intense songs so you can even tailor which ones you listen to depending on your mood.

This album feels really inclusive of emotions and power which is absolutely awesome. June also posted the track listing on his official Instagram, let’s take a peek shall we?

Track listing for ‘Today’s’ album


What are your favorite tracks so far? Let us know below! (Mine is ‘Waltz’ and ‘Heaven‘). We are looking forward to this release just so we can hear June’s voice some more.

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