Jessi asks ‘What Kind Of X’ is she in comeback teasers

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Jessi is getting ready for her upcoming return with ‘What Kind Of X‘. Check out her latest teasers below!

In her first image teaser, we see her in a beautiful dark outfit that contrasts well with the deep blue background. It almost has this summer vibe to it as she shows off her beauty with her different poses.

Her second image teaser features this lovely bright green background as she wears a vibrant outfit. It is quite a unique outfit that is able to show off her figure. She surely knows how to draw your attention to her image teasers.

In her third image teaser, we get this seductive black dress that goes well with the red background. Once again, she looks stunning in whatever she wears. She knows how to work it to her advantage.

In her first video teaser, the video goes through many scenes where she is seen wearing different outfits. However, she is able to showcase her fierce side as she sings along to the beat.

In her D-3 image teaser, we get the same black outfit that was shown in her third image teaser. However, this time, we get a white background, giving it that black and white effect.

In her latest MV teaser, we get to hear this dark vibe that goes well with her tone of voice. It also has this laid back sound that allows her to show off her groove and dance moves.

Meanwhile, she will make her hot return on March 17th. Are you enjoying the teasers? Let us know in the comments below!

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