Jay Park is ready to party ‘Tonight’ with KIRIN

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Jay Park is back with a whole new track. It is a collaboration between him and KIRIN and the song is called ‘Tonight‘ featuring Ugly Duck. So, check it out below!

Through this video, we get to see what a party is like with the AOMG crew. It is clear that they had all kind of fun at night. This song is quite chill which is perfect for the vibe of this video. It starts off with KIRIN’s soothing vocals. He soothes your soul with your voice. It makes it get relaxing to listen to. Then, Ugly Duck comes in with his chill rap verses that just rides so nicely with the beat. It is a perfect fit into this kind of song.

Jay Park just tops this song with his beautiful voice. You are drawn to his R&B voice as he resonates with our soul. It is just so beautiful to listen to. He has a way with his singing that pulls people in.

So, be sure to check out the song out above. Did you like this chil vibe? Let us know in the comments below!

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