James x Kevin will have you ‘Falling’ for their new collaboration track

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James Lee and Kevin Woo have dropped the MV for their collaboration track ‘Falling‘.

‘Falling‘ is about that feeling of helplessness when you try to forget someone you’re in love with. Even though it’s a love song and the lyrics might sound a little sad, James wanted it to feel good and worked the track into a really fun groove.

The music video features Linda Dong and Mike Bow, as well as the drummer for the metal band Lamb of God – and most importantly, James’ own parents! The MV features James giving a speech for a newlywed couple, but then things take a sudden turn! Our favourite moment of the entire clip was Kevin being wheeled in with the wedding cake.

James x Kevin ‘Falling’

James commented about working with Kevin for ‘Falling‘: “I had been talking to Kevin about collaborating on a track for a while, but when I came up with this hook I thought the contrast in our voices would make this song really strong. I flew to Korea on my birthday and recorded him a couple days after. He’s definitely a professional and stayed open minded to all the suggestions I had while directing his vocals.

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