James Lee is emotional in his ‘Liar’ MV

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Singer-songwriter James Lee has released his self-composed track ‘Liar‘, and be warned – you’ll need the tissues handy.

Liar‘ is equal parts beautiful, haunting and heartbreaking. Your heart just aches for him as he sings about a relationship that has ended. The song is drenched in acoustic guitar which serves to highlight the beautiful resonance of James’ vocal.

James has been quoted as saying, “This song is special, because it blends the style I loved writing before my accident with the music I’ve embraced as a producer.” This is in reference to the accident in 2015 which left James permanently unable to play his much-loved bass.

The music video is stripped back and raw, it makes you focus on the lyrics and the vocal. It highlights the sad and emotional demise of something that was once so precious.

James Lee ‘Liar’

What do you think of ‘Liar‘ from James Lee? Are you happy that he’s releasing more music? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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