IZ*ONE prepares for their ‘Oneiric Diary’ return with teasers

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Yes, that is right! IZ*ONE is preparing for their upcoming return with ‘Oneiric Diary’. Check out the teasers below!

They have released the video trailer. From the video, we get this chill and fun vibe that goes well with the mood of the song. It has this soothing melody that goes well with the light-hearted feeling. We see the members smiling throughout the video while playing around with the feathers in the pillow. We see them all having a lovely time sleeping while looking quite angelic. This song definitely goes well with their tone of voice. One can’t help but get chills while hearing how beautiful their voices song in harmony.

Following this trailer are their object teasers. The first image showcases a row of diaries. This may be the diaries of each member. It is colourful and glittery, brightening up the mood of the image. The next image is a row of gummy bears with the word “Welcome“. It is quite a fun and creative image. The final image showcases a couch with their name printed and placed on the couch.

Next up is the members’ concept teaser. Each member gets their own bubbly image, showcasing us that summer vibe. They definitely know how to brighten up the image with their personality and look. It is also a concept that goes well with each member as they showcase their charms through the image.

For their second concept, we get a splash of summer with the light blue background. They are also dressed up in bright outfits that is fitting to this current season. It is definitely a look that fits them nicely.

Meanwhile, they are set to make their hot return on June 15th. What do you think of the first concept teasers? Let us know in the comments below!

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