IZ*ONE goes colour for ‘I Want To Say I Like You’ jacket teasers

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It looks like IZ*ONE is finally gearing up for their Japanese debut. They have revealed their jacket image teasers. So, check it out below!

The members are seen lining up next to one another in a beautiful array of coloured outfits. The colours go in a rainbow-like manner from left to right. It is something that is quite aesthetically pleasing to look at. Furthermore, it can also be seen that they are all wearing quite unique outfits. It goes form short to long, high heel to boots. It is a unique mixture and it surely has fans loving the look they are going for.

Normal Type A

Normal Type B



They have also went ahead and revealed the different versions of this album. There is a total of four versions including the Normal Type A, Normal Type B, the WIZ*ONE Board version and a 13CD-BOX WIZ*ONE board version. On top of that, each member will also get their own CD cover version. This definitely gives you a whole range of albums you can get.

For the normal type A version, it comes with a CD and a DVD. The CD contains six tracks including ‘I Want To Say I Like You‘, ‘It’s Fine‘, ‘Good Evening Goodbye‘ and its respective instrumental versions. While, for the DVD, it contains the music video for ‘I Want To Say I Like You‘ and ‘Good Evening Goodbye‘.

For the Normal Type B, it also comes with a CD and a DVD. The CD contains all the songs from Normal Type B except for ‘Good Evening Goodbye‘. It comes with ‘I Want To Be A Cat‘ instead. Thus, the DVD contains the MV for ‘I Want To Be A Cat‘ instead of ‘Good Evening Goodbye‘.

Then, each WIZ*ONE board version will come with an individual member’s solo jacket and the CD only.

 Jang Wonyoung

 Sakura Miyawaki

 Nabo Yabuki

Honda Hitomi

Kwon Eunbi

Lee Chaeyeon

An Yujin

Kang Hyewon

Kim Chaewon

Jo Yuri

Kim Minju

Choi Yena

We also get individual image teasers for each of the members. Each of them are just too cute in their images; where they show us their cute and lovely side. Some of them just has this look that can melt your hearts. It makes fans more excited to see their concept photos.

The album will be dropped on February 6th. Are you enjoying their first teaser? Let us know in the comments below!

All Access Asia will keep you updated, so stay tuned!

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