IU gives you the ‘Epilogue’ to ‘Lilac’ MV

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IU has surprised us with the release of ‘Epilogue‘ MV. This track is part of her latest album, ‘Lilac‘. So, check it out below!

For this MV, it appears that she continues the story by filming in the same train scenery. However, this time, there is less bright colours. It is rather quite dim and dull with the beautiful sunlight and lights keeping the room well-lit. It is interesting to see the smoke that has engulfed the place, giving it that nostalgic vibe. This kind of atmosphere fits in nicely with the mood of the song, making it quite enjoyable to listen and watch. However, the video definitely have ended way too fast as she as only released a part of the song before the video ends.

Nevertheless, be sure to check out the MV above. Did you enjoy that short MV? Let us know in the comments below!

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