ITZY will be the ‘Ma.Fi.A In The Morning’

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ITZY is back with a new track called ‘Ma.Fi.A In The Morning‘. Check it out below!

ITZY has changed it up and has given us a more mature sound. This is definitely different to what they have shown us before. However, it still has that unique ITZY sound in the song. The track itself is much darker than any other song they have released. There are more rap verses than ever, allowing us to see more of Yuna‘s rap style. The song itself is quite unique and surely takes a few listens before it becomes catchy. The editing in this video is on point. There are so many sections that are quite interesting to watch and is edited to fit well with the music. There are also verses that contain the vocals. During these sections, Lia and Chaeryeong‘s vocals shine. They did so amazingly in these sections, which stands out against the rap. The dance choreography is on point once again. It is the kind of dance that is fun to do and still maintain its difficulty. Overall, it is a great comeback from ITZY.

Meanwhile, be sure to check out the MV above. What di dyou think? Let us know in the comments below!

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