ITZY brought the house down with their final Down Under tour stop in Melbourne

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ITZY ended the Australian leg of their 2nd World Tour, ‘Born To Be‘, in Melbourne on March 26th, 2024. Early in the evening, fans were lining up, buzzing with energy, filling up the Margaret Court Arena with lightsticks and their best Kpop outfits. The moment the JYP video came on, fans were screaming and cheering on the groups that are part of JYP Entertainment. Aussie Kpop fans are thrilled with the opportunity to be able to see more Kpop groups in Melbourne, and now they can include ITZY on that list! Once ITZY came up in the video, fans were already chanting their name, and right on cue, a remix of ‘Dalla Dalla‘ came on, hyping the fans up for their entrance to the Margaret Court Arena stage.

Their intense first VCR video came on, signalling the kind of theme that we would be getting throughout the concert. The intense red lighting that took over the arena, signalled that the members were about to appear on stage, and as the screen lifted up, they were revealed, with their black silhouettes appearing against the deep red colour. This was the only signal the fans needed to jump to their feet and scream as their first track, ‘Born To Be‘ blasted out through their overhead speakers. Their red and black outfits matched the vibe of the song as they brought the audience their first full dance choreography with their backup dancers. They showed us their powerful energy that had fans feeling their vibe and enjoying being part of the show.

Then, it was time for the members to introduce themselves. It was clear that the fans were in complete awe and adoration of each member, since every time a member introduced themselves, there was a roar from the crowd, making the members feel welcome in Melbourne. The members shared that through this concert, they want to showcase to the fans who they are, who ITZY is and thus, they have put a lot of effort into the setlist to make it a special and unique show of the fans. They have also brought their band along with them, to enrich their sound and enhance their music.

Next up, they performed more powerful songs including ‘Mr Vampire‘, followed by a fun song, ‘Swipe‘, before giving us a beautiful yet intense dance break, leading onto their hit track, ‘Wannabe‘. Since ‘Wannabe‘ is such a hit, everyone was singing and dancing along, building up that energy, allowing the members to bring even better performances to their song.

What made this concert special is the fact that each member got to perform the solo tracks that were part of their latest album, ‘Born To Be‘.

Chaeryeong started off with her solo, ‘Mine‘, which incorporated a moving dance performance where she had a dancer mirroring her movements, as if looking in a mirror. This enhanced the meaning behind her song.

Ryujin followed up with her rock song, ‘Run Away‘, the performance started on a platform with Ryujin on a throne. She put all her emotion into the track, allowing the audience to feel the lyrics of the song. She made her way down the stairs before giving fans the final roar from her emotions.

Yuna was up next with her poppy, ‘Yet, But‘ track. It was filled with pink diamonds and pink trolleys, which suited her tone of voice and her personality. She brought her vibe and her energy to the stage, ending her moment with confetti and blowing a kiss to the adoring crowd.

Finally, Yeji ended the solo stages with her powerful song, ‘Crown On My Head‘, where she brought her dance crew on stage to perform with her. With the crown on the back LED screen behind her, the choreography was as powerful as we have seen!

Back on stage as a whole, ‘Untouchable‘, ‘Gas Me Up‘ and ‘Dynamite‘ were performed one after the other. The members put all their energy into these performances, encouraging fans to stand up and groove along to their vibe. Everyone was up on their feet and moving along to their music, enjoying the fun time and the energy that we were able to share with the members. ‘Sidekick Lover‘ and ‘Loco‘ were up next to follow up that energy. They really had the audience engaged and enjoying every moment of the concert. The vibe was kept high when ITZY disappeared off stage but allowed their back-up dancers to have their moment to shine, giving us a powerful dance break, before the band got their turn, by showcasing their skills against their ‘Loco‘ soundtrack.

The VCR showcased parts of the MV for ‘Not Shy‘, signalling the time for the members to come out to perform it. However, before they reappeared on stage, the band hyped the audience by continuing the chant, “Not Shy, Not Me” before the members, appeared in silhouette as the screen slowly revealed them. They then performed ‘Not Shy‘, ‘Cake‘ and ‘Sneakers‘.

The time just flew by and before we knew it, it was already that time of the concert where ITZY were bidding us goodbye. They said that if the fans will continue to cheer them on as loudly and enthusiastically as they were throughout the concert they will be ready to come back and perform in Melbourne again! They ended the night with ‘Kill Shot‘ and ‘Escalator‘, before disappearing off stage again.

However, the concert did not end there. They had prepared a special MIDZY time, where they had three segments. The first segment was Dancing. This was when the camera crew picked up fans from the crowd who would dance along to various tracks from ITZY including ‘Untouchable‘, ‘Not Shy‘, ‘Dalla Dalla‘ and ‘Loco‘. Then, next up they had a sing along session with fans for the song, ‘Boys Like You‘ before ending it with the scream as loud as you can so, that the meter reached 100%.

This was the cue for the Encore session, where the members came out and performed ‘Love Is‘ and ‘Be In Love‘. This session was all about showing fans their love as they roamed around the stage, throwing hearts and kisses towards the crowd. They were making lots of connections with fans and sharing the love throughout the arena. It was clear that they were enjoying the moment, as much as the fans were. As the members were preparing to give their final speeches, the fan video came on, touching all the hearts of ITZY, as well as the Melbourne fans. It was a great way of showing who the fans are and how much ITZY meant to the fans. It was clear that the members enjoyed the video, as they were getting emotional with their speeches.

Finally, they thanked the fans for the love and support that they have shown them. They have also extended their thanks towards everyone who had helped them organise these concerts and for being there for them. They did a group photo with the crowd before ending the night with ‘Dalla Dalla‘.

With that, ITZY ended the Down Under leg of their ‘Born To Be‘ tour in Melbourne with the best memories which many fans will cherish forever. Thank you ITZY for coming to Melbourne and showcasing your amazing talent and giving us such a wonderful concert. We would like to extend our thanks to Live Nation and JYP Entertainment for allowing us the opportunity to cover this event.

All Access Asia will continue to cover exclusive concerts in Australia, so stay tuned!

Written by Tracey

Edited by Narelle

Photo Credit: Rick Clifford

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