ITZY are too cute for ‘Nobody Like You’ MV

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ITZY continues to drop many videos for their comeback. They have dropped a special MV for ‘Nobody Like You‘ and the moving dance practice and performance MV for ‘Wannabe‘. Check it out below!

In this video, one can’t help but smile throughout it. It is clear they had a lot of fun filming this video. They put their personalities into the video, allowing us to enjoy every moment. It is nice to see this side to them, which is not normally shown in their music video. The bloopers are also quite hilarious to watch, giving us something to treasure.

In the performance MV, we get to see cuts that weren’t featured in the MV. It makes the whole video quite wholesome. The dance choreography is just so beautiful to watch, especially when they are beautifully dressed for the occasion. The editing between the different scene is also done so smoothly, allowing us to love the choreography and their different outfits. It looks like they have danced the whole song at different locations and the editor added in parts that looked great. It is clear that the quality of each location is spot on and perfect!

Finally, they have also dropped a new version of the dance practice. With this version, it zooms in the right spots, allowing us to witness the best of the members and our biases. They definitely know how to highlight the choreography, allowing us to see the moves up front.

ITZY has also had their first win for ‘Wannabe‘! So, be sure to continue to show your support by checking out their contents above!

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