It’s ‘All or Nothing’ for WEi in latest MV

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WEi recently released their second mini-album ‘Identity: Challenge‘ and the title track ‘All or Nothing‘.

All or Nothing‘ is worlds apart from their debut song ‘Twilight‘. It’s powerful and abrasive in all the right ways. The noisy synths and blasting energy that radiate from the song make it a worthy addition to their discography.

The song is appealing in the intensity that allows the rappers to shine, and the vocal highlights that the vocalists provide. The song has texture that gives it added weight, and the instrumentation only adds another element to that.

The accompanying music video matches the theme of the song perfectly with its edgy, industrial settings. The intensity in the song is on point with the intensity of the choreography, which takes an aggressive tone to match the song.

WEi ‘All or Nothing’

What do you think of WEi‘s comeback song ‘All or Nothing‘? Do you like this one or ‘Twilight‘ better? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below

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