HyunA looks lovely taking a ‘Flower Shower’

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Earlier this week, we saw the welcome return of HyunA with the release of her first single through new label P-Nation, ‘Flower Shower‘.

The song is overall light and bright and has a message of optimism and strength. HyunA uses the metaphor of the flower to represent herself in many ways. The multi-talented performer is charismatic and gorgeous as always in the clip.

During a press conference HyunA said that the song was about how “flowers are beautiful and showy but I’m aware they all end up withering in the end. In the summer they blossom but they also need rest in the winter. Requiring love and attention yet too much of them could be deadly, I thought flowers and I are similar.”

As we saw through the teaser clips, the full MV is visually stunning featuring lots of evocative scenery and flower-filled imagery of HyunA teamed up with a talented team of dancers.

Hyuna ‘Flower Shower’

What do you think of HyunA‘s ‘Flower Shower‘? Are you glad that she’s back making music in her own style again? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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