Hyolyn reveals she is currently working on her new album

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Yes, that is right! Hyolyn reveals that she is currently preparing for her upcoming album.

In particular, she took to her official fancafe to announce the news. The message says: “I’m sorry for my late greeting in 2019. I hope everything is going right and that everyone is happy. To start the 2019 world tour and to prepare for an album, I’m leaving tomorrow. So sad that I can’t see your faces before I leave. I hope we can meet again as soon as possible with great music. I’ll work hard and show good performances then I’ll be back. Thank you for cheering me on and I love you.”

So, from this message, it looks like she is starting her world tour soon. She is currently working on this new album while on tour. Some believe that she will be filming the MV as well.

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