HYO draws you in ‘DEEP’ in latest teasers

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HYO continues to reveal her teasers for her upcoming return with ‘DEEP‘. So, check it out below!

In her mood clip, we hear mechanical noises that fit with the arms that are moving in the image. It helps create this eerie sound!

Her first concept teaser fits with the mood clip concept that was previously released. We first see her sitting near the different arm construction as she sits herself right in the middle. It almost looks like she is the one in control of those arms. To fit with this vibe, we also see her embracing the neon lights that make her glow in the dark. It also allows her to go for a more fierce and powerful look, which is fitting to the mechanical arms we saw.

For her second concept teaser, she changes it up by embracing a more softer toned colour. In particular, her images are made of shades of pink, bringing forth a more easy-on-the-eye colour. This soft tone allows her to showcase another side to her, where she looks more gentle and cute.

Her third concept teaser goes back to that more stronger-looking concept. In particular, we see the colour green dominating her image again. To fit with this green background, she is seen wearing a black outfit to bring out her fierce and more charismatic look. Especially with the way she looks at the camera, it is clear that she is more confident in tackling this type of concept.

The next concept brings us another cute concept. This time, the image is featured outside during the night where she is seen wearing a cute skirt with fluffy shoes to match the colours of the outfit. It is a look that she pulls off quite well. It almost has this punk look. What wasn’t noticed in some of the images is the fact that she has black wings on her back to finish the look. It is an interesting addition and brings forth a twist to this cute look.

Her latest concept teaser showcases her wearing two distinct outfits. The first outfit embraces softer colours with a spiderweb pattern on it. It is interesting how the pink outfit stands out against the green lighting that is added. It is a unusual yet great contrast of colours. While, the other concept allows her to bring a cool look that suits her well.

Meanwhile, she is set to make her hot return on May 16th. Which concept do you think suits her the most? Let us know in the comments below!

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