Hoody says ‘Adios’ to Gray

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Hoody is back with her full album, ‘Departure‘. Within this album, there is a track called ‘Adios‘ featuring Gray and ‘Stay‘ featuring Ugly Duck. Check out both the MVs below!

The MV for ‘Adios‘ is so weird but it surely captures our attention. It is a video that is fun and fits well with this soothing vibe. Her voice is just so beautiful to listen to and is fitting to the melody and beat of this song. This kind of song that one would love to listen to during the summer to relax to. Gray was also a perfect choice to feature on this track. His voice has that fun and groovy rap that helps enhance the beauty of this track. He is also heard harmonizing with Hoody, which is just heavenly to listen to.

She has also dropped a short dance visual MV for ‘Stay‘ featuring Ugly Duck. Once again, her voice is just so beautiful to listen to. This is a much more chill song to listen that makes it easy to groove along to. It is quite fitting to the cute video in which we see a couple dancing so beautifully with the sun behind them.

Meanwhile, be sure to show your support by checking out the MVs above. Did you like her latest releases? Let us know in the comments below!

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