HIGHSCHOOL says ‘Baby You Are Mine’ in new individual teasers

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It looks like nothing is stopping HIGHSCHOOL from making their debut. They have recently dropped their ‘High Class‘ MV. Now, it looks like they are ready to release another pre-debut single called ‘Baby You Are Mine‘. Check out the latest teasers below!

They have revealed Soeun‘s teaser. In her video, we hear this soothing melody that goes nicely with her cute gestures. It definitely heightens up fans’ expectation.

They continued on with Yebin‘s teaser. Once again, we get to hear the same melody. It gets more groovy the more times you listen to. She too is seen wearing a mask, that helps enhance this charismatic look she is going for. It is also quite cool that each member is seen with their letters on it.

J is next up with her teaser. The same song is heard yet it never gets tiring listening to it. However, it does heighten fans’ expectation for a great song and melody line to fit with this song.

Meanwhile, they will reveal the full track on April 30th. What do you think of the vibe so far? Let us know in the commentts below!

All Access Asia will keep you updated, so stay tuned!

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