Heize reveals her ‘Undo’ tracklist

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Heize is preparing for her upcoming return with ‘Undo‘. Check out the teasers below!

It is confirmed that she will be returning with her second album called ‘Undo‘.

From the tracklist, there is a total of 10 tracks including ‘Undo‘, ‘Sad Ending‘ featuring George, ‘I Don’t Lie‘ featuring Giriboy, ‘Thief‘ featuring (G)I-DLE‘s Minnie, ‘Distance‘ featuring MONSTA X‘s I.M, ‘Love Is Alone‘, ‘Real Love‘, ‘Supercar‘, ‘Traveler‘ and ‘About Time‘.

The first image teaser features George and Heize. They have taken cute image together to get us excited for their collaboration.

In her first track video, we get this soothing melody that goes well with her tone of voice. We can’t help but groove along to the way she is singing this track. We are excited to hear George‘s voice on this track.

The next image teaser is of Giriboy and Heize. We get that similar vibe from her teasers. In these images, we get to see them act like siblings with one another. Their outfits also showcase their distinct differences in style and taste.

In the track video for ‘I Don’t Lie‘, we get a very smooth melody with a darker tone. It will be interesting to see where this song goes as we don’t get much of her section. Rather we get a taste of a section of Giriboy‘s rap, which is deep and raspy for this melody.

Her official concept teaser features her posing outside by the field. It brings out the summer vibe and it goes well with her overall look. The denim does wonders, showcasing that these outfits really suits her.

The next image teaser features her posing with Minnie. They showcase their cute and close sides as we see them hugging and enjoying their time together.

For this track video, we get more of an uplifting melody that suits this current season. It really brings out her happy tone that goes well with her tone of voice. We are excited to see what Minnie will bring to this track.

The official second concept teaser tones it down with her posing next to a big tree. Her outfit is on point, showcasing the beauty of the nature and the scenery.

The next image teaser shows off the cute friendship that Heize and I.M has. The images showcase their failures in making a heart together so they end up making peace signs to the camera.

This track video has a smooth yet emotional melody that really brings out her unique tone. She has a way of making the melody super addictive to listen to. We are excited to see what I.M will be doing on this track.

For her third concept teaser, she goes for a more laid-back and chill vibe. This colour scheme really suits her as it allows her charismatic side to come through nicely.

For her ‘Love Is‘ track video, we get to hear this interesting flow that allows us to witness her subtle rap skills. She does an incredible job in riding this beat to give us a smooth flow. We are excited to hear more of this track.

Her latest track video begins off with the piano melody that suits the vibe of the video. It is the kind of song that would fit well with a memory scenario.

Meanwhile, she is set to return on June 30th. Which track has caught your attention so far? Let us know in the comments below!

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