Heize begins her remake project with Candyman’s ‘Lost Chance’

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Previously, Heize had revealed that she will be having a remake project. So, part of her first project, she did a remake of Candyman‘s ‘Lost Chance‘. So, check it out below!

For those who are curious about what she had written in the descriptions, she talks about how she had made a YouTube channel. Through this channel, she will showcase her various works and thoughts. In the past, she used to re-interpret and re-arrange music. Thus, the first song she had done is ‘Lost Chance‘ by Candyman. This song has been on her Myspace for a long time and so it is a song that she loved alot.

Since the video is presented in a simple way like a diary full of lyrics, we get to see her reinterpretation of this song. She had tweaked it to fit her usual vibe, giving us that hit of R&B. This kind of tone works well with the beauty of her voice. It is such a beautiful song to listen to. You can’t help but get chills while listening to it.

So, be sue to check out the song above. What did you think? Let us know in the comments below!

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