Heaven Offical’s Blessing Season 2 – Episodes 1 – 3

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As a long-time fan of the author Mo Xiang Tong Xiu, and the Heaven Official’s Blessing story, you would not believe how excited I have been for Season 2 to drop. Okay, maybe you would. Let’s assume TGCF … Yay! I feel like it has been years of waiting and rewatching Season 1 on Netflix. But I can safely say it has been worth the wait. Season 2 is living up to the hype.

Visuals – check. Annimation style – check. Dialogue – check. Comedic moments – check, check. The team has done such a great job. Move over while I get on with the gushing!

Episode recaps

Episode 1 is all about the set up. We see something of the Pei Jr’s trial and get to spend time with Jun Wu, who I love from the books and the manga, so was excited that we get plenty of screen time. We meet the Wind Master in his male guise and are introduced to Mu Qing and Feng Xin. The episode ends with the characters ready for the sojourn to Ghost City.

Episode 2 sees us in The Gamer’s Den, where a burly monstrosity is callously betting his daughter’s life against the destruction of his enemies. Xie Lian, horrified, wants to interfere, but Shi Qingzuan, who has escaped a gaggle of female ghost impressed with his skin, stops him in the nick of time. Lang Qianqiu appears and incensed about gambling, attacks Hua Cheng (or he tries to). The ease with which Hua Cheng stops his attack provides a tantalising insight into just how powerful the Ghost King is.

And yet he’s gentle with Xie Lian. The scene where Hua Cheng teaches Xie Lian the ‘right dice-shaking posture’ to correct his luck, is every bit as adorable as promised. Xie Lian (predictably) wins his bet against Hua Cheng and is allowed to take Qianqiu from the Den in exchange for a half-eaten bun.

It’s only episode 2 and the viewers are completely under Hua Cheng’s spell. Gush. Gush.

In Episode 3 Xie Lian saves a boy wrapped in bandages from the ghosts who are beating him up. He’s keen to help the child, but the boy runs off. (Put a pin in that one, we’ll return to the boy in this and future episodes). San Lang invites Xie Lian to Paradise Manor, where he teases his gege and resolves to find the boy for him. The main thrust of the episode is centred around the moment Xie Lian meets E-Ming (Hua Cheng’s scimitar)… [yes, apologies for the bad pun]. Xie Lian and E-Ming are going to get along famously. You can practically hear E-Ming purring.

We’re purring too after the third episode. The animation is proving to be everything fans hoped if would be. Personally I can’t wait for the next one!

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