Haon sings Happy Birthday in his new release

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Haon has a way with music and we are so thrilled that he has come back with yet another sweet track titled ‘BwB’ which is short for ‘Birthday Work Brothers.’

Haon teased us with a couple of short clips on his Instagram to get us prepared for this new song. The first clip released was a short teaser of the vocals for the song.

‘BwB’ clip

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내일 🥰 BwB prod. @vangdale 7/7

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With such a simple clip, you could tell that this song was meaningful to Haon and took the time to focus on the image being represented in the clip.

The second clip released was a cake smash style video with Haon getting cake thrown at him. Now that is an amusing way to showcase a release.

Official Cake smash clip

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😂 7/7 BwB @vangdale @h1ghrmusic

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On July 7, the full song was released and we would love to have Haon wish us a Happy Birthday this month because this track is just so wonderful. It has all the cool vibes you would want to wake up to on your birthday and that celebratory feel.

Apple Music official MV

So break out the cake, Gather your friends and have Haon wish you a Happy Birthday (even if it’s not, you’ll feel like it is with this song).

What do you think of Haon’s new song? Comment below.

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