Ha Sungwoon feels ‘Blessed’ in comeback teasers

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Ha Sungwoon will be returning with his 8th mini album, ‘Blessed‘. Check out the teasers below!

From the tracklist, there is a total of 5 tracks including ‘Blessed‘, ‘I Wanna‘, ‘All I Need‘ featuring The BoyzEric, ‘I Already Lost You‘ and ‘Mystery‘.

For the first concept teasers, he has embraced the angelic look while sporting the white wings to match with his white outfit. He is also seen posing in a white car that suits the tone of the concept teaser. In the concept film teaser, it features this uplifting melody that goes well with the vibe of the concept and the scenery. It definitely has that happy melody that is fitting for this current season.

The second concept teaser takes a turn with a more darker vibe. We see him in more of a casual outfit while posing in a well-lit room. With the way they play with the light, it helps create beautiful shadows on his face that shows off his toneness. In this concept film teaser, we have a more city pop vibe that we could all move along to. It will be interesting to hear his voice on top of this track.

His next concept teaser has him playing pool while dressing up in a fancy all-black outfit. It is an interesting concept as the pool balls bring colour to the image which otherwise are limited in colour. In the concept film teaser, we get this very distorted music which turns out to be quite a retro sound. It will be interesting to see where this song goes.

His latest concept teaser now transports him to the bedroom where he relaxes and enjoys his time at home. We also get to see him having a chill time with a dog. The concept film teaser takes a turn bringing a more sad melody before it changes to a bright sound that works well with his stern look.

Meanwhile, he is set to make his hot return on July 17th. Which concept do you like so far? Let us know in the comments below!

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