Grazy Grace tells us “Pink is my favorite color” in new MV

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Grazy Grace is becoming a well-known sensation, and we can see why!

With her stunning concepts as well as amazing talent, we are excited to see what the future holds for Grace. This new MV is no exception to the hard work Grace puts in, so let’s enjoy this short and sweet MV titled “Pink Is My Favorite Color“.

GRAZY GRACE ‘Pink Is My Favorite Color’

On Grazy Grace‘s Twitter, she left a message for fans with the release of this MV

Wishing a happy belated birthday to you Grace! What a sweet thing to do for her followers with letting us celebrate with her on such a special day. Traditionally known for her killer rap, Grace shows us her softer side in this sweet and soft video with vocals that make you melt showing us she hasn’t lost her style.

See more from Grazy Grace on her official accounts: Instagram, Twitter & Facebook.

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