GOT7’s Jackson is on ‘DWAY’ with his final teasers

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GOT7‘s Jackson prepares to release his ‘DWAY‘ single today. Check out all his teasers below!

In his D-3 teaser, it is a beautiful image of him wearing his jacket. The image is edited to give it that vintage photo vibes. The way the image is lit and the colour choices that were chosen for the image allows him to truly glow.

In his MV teaser, we see him strolling through the MV set, showcasing his charms and love for his crew. Everyone is hard at work, including himself. It is nice to see where the set will be and what we can expect from this release.

His D-1 teaser continues to have that similar colour scheme. It also has a more of a burnt feel to it as the image loses a section of the image. It is a blurred image but we all know that is Jackson in the image.

His D-0 teaser showcases an image of his back as he walks into what appears to be a party. The image showcases a pool table and Jackson is making his grand entrance!

We can’t wait for its release! Meanwhile, it will be revealed on October 22nd. Are you ready for this? Let us know in the comments below!

All Access Asia will keep you updated, so stay tuned!

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