GOT7 steals your heart in ‘Not By The Moon’ MV

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GOT7 has definitely popped off with this latest comeback with ‘Not By The Moon‘. Check out the MV below!

Everything about this MV is perfect. From the song to the visuals, one can’t help but get drawn to it. Starting with the song, it is a song that brings out the best in their vocals. We get to hear such strong and soothing vocals from most of the members. It is also quite a surprise to see Jackson sing in the title track. His voice just goes well as the pre-chorus and the lead up to the chorus. Then, we are greeted by JB‘s strong vocals followed by Yugyeom‘s high notes. It is a great combination to listen to. Mark and Bam Bam‘s fierce rap verse is also a perfect fit into this song, enhancing the beauty of this song. Jinyoung and Youngjae once again nail their verses, especially when Youngjae hit the high notes so effortlessly.

The dance choreography is also full of strong movements that have you hooked on it to the end. With the white outfits, it allows us to focus on the dance. The visuals are also on point. In particular, Jackson is definitely a King on that throne and wearing that throne. While JB is wrecking all of our bias list with those outfits and looks. He just looks so hot and handsome throughout this video.

So, be sure to check out the MV above. What did you think of the song? Let us know in the comments below!

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