GOT7 spoils us with all kind of dance contents for their latest return with the album, ‘DYE’

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GOT7 has spoiled us with all kind of dance contents for their latest comeback with ‘DYE‘. Check it out below!

They have released ‘Not By The Moon‘ dance practice. This video allows us to focus on the dance choreography with no distractions from the MV. With the still camera from far back, it also allows us to focus the full dance choreography. Each move is done with perfection as they move so coolly to the music. They know how to capture us with each move and look at the camera.

As fans push for more views on the group’s latest MV, they have dropped the dance practice for ‘Poison‘. This choreography is one that allows them to enjoy each moment. It is quite a clever way of using a door and incorporating into the dance choreography to give us a fuller story. The use of handkerchief for the dance is also so great. This dance choreography is definitely quite a fun and chill dance, allowing us to enjoy this sexy vibe from them.

They have also revealed the dance practice for ‘Aura‘. Each move in this dance choreography is done with perfection. The feet movements definitely goes well with the song. One can’t help but fall deep into the song as they move so smoothly to the song.

They have also dropped the Move Rec. version of ‘Aura‘. What is fascinating about this video is the fact that the members are blindfolded for most of the dance. They just pull it off so effortlessly as they move so clearly with one another. It is just so lovely to watch, especially since no one really bumps into each other or trip.

They have also revealed the Move Rec. version of ‘Not By The Moon‘. They begin off with the unmasking of their masks before they dance in such a beautiful theatre. The aesthetics and camera work helps enhance the vibe of the dance. One can’t help but be captured by each move and each light effect.

They don’t stop there. They have also released M2 Studio Choom version of ‘Not By The Moon‘ and ‘Poison‘. Since these videos are in 4K, it makes the experience that more great. The camera work also allows us to fall deep into each one of their charms. They know how to look great for the camera while doing the dance so flawlessly.

They have dropped the relay dance for ‘Not By The Moon‘. This video is always so much fun to watch. They begin off serious but before we know it, they become more relaxed and themselves. We can definitely see all kinds of rolls, slides and cartwheels in the video. It definitely is a video that showcases their personality.

Finally, they have dropped the performance video of ‘Not By The Moon‘. This is a performance video that is shown in the MV in cuts. However, this time, there is no interruption to the dance choreography. Thus, we get to witness them dance in quite prince-like outfits with the continuous movement of the camera. This keeps the whole video quite entertaining to watch.

So, be sure to check out all the dance videos above. Which one captured you the mot? Let us know in the comments below!

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