GOT7 is soft and fluffy for their latest set of ‘Miracle’ teasers

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GOT7 is definitely spoiling fans with their latest set of teasers. Not only have they revealed three individual teasers, but it is for four of the members! So, check it out below!

So, this is the second half of individual teasers. This time, it is of Mark, Jinyoung, Youngjae and Yugyeom. Once again, we get a total of three images of each member. Each image, we get to see a soft side of the members that really warms up your heart. Even though it is just an image, the colours they use, as well as their facial expressions help enhance that wintry vibe that fans love. They have revealed these images, which is almost in time for winter. Fans surely love each and one of their image teasers and fans can’t wait to see the members posing with one another under this kind of setting.





Meanwhile, GOT7 will make their hot return on December 3rd. What do you think of their latest teaser? Let us know in the comments below!

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